Creating the Next Generation
of Leaders

Getting Started

Mentorship Program

We provide a mentorship program and extensive hands on training for our agents. We are transparent in our sales system, training and our income. We will show you what we have done and give you the opportunity to accomplish the same.

Building YOUR Business

Franchise Opportunity

We have a SYSTEM (Save Yourself Time Energy and Money). Our renowned 7-STEP sales system and 7 core disciplines to success are responsible for doubling incomes in their first year. Agents generate massive amounts of FREE leads with guaranteed appointments.

Advancement Structure

Promoting From Within

Our Founders and Executive Team members were agents first. We have made sure to capture what is missing and what is important as a beginning agent and a veteran agent. We are built to build WEALTH for you and leave WEALTH residual to others.

We are looking for hard-working and dedicated CHAMPIONS!

Exclusive Benefits of Working in Partnership with Vincent King & FGL
Set your own hours
Hooray for flexibility!
Never micro-managed
No one is looking over your shoulder all day.
Financed leads
Leads that are paid through commissions.
Daily deposits
Paid on the daily? Yes, please!
Health insurance benefits
We have you covered.
Contracts up to 150%
The most aggressive compensation plan in America!
Mentoring Program
Step-by-step planning with 6 figure earners.
Field training
Hands-on, extensive training provided.
Profit sharing bonus
Every 6 months!


How fast will I get paid?

Some of our carriers are SAME day advance, while other carriers pay out within 24-48 hours.

Will I receive hands-on training?

Each agent will not ONLY attend the best fast start class training ever experienced. There are scheduled presentation role-play and in-field ride-along experiences as well. We have a proven successful training system to help you jump-start your career.

What does VESTED mean?

Vested means YOU will continue receiving your renewals as long as the premium is paid by your clients. SO, how long do you have to be with a company before you are VESTED? Some companies take 2-10yrs while other companies NEVER ALLOW YOU TO BECOME VESTED, is this fair to your family? Leaving a legacy to your next generation is what we focus on, therefore our agents are VESTED day 1. We believe that because YOU were working hard to provide for your family, the money should continue to your family.

Why is VESTED important?

Vested is one of the MOST important aspects of the insurance business. THIS IS YOUR LEGACY and MOST companies fail to protect your legacy. Building a residual for you and your family means everything. Imagine working hard for the next 3yrs…Long hours, weekends, meeting with clients. You have built a residual income of $2K/mo and then it happens….You decide to leave the company or worse, you pass away. What happens to the $2K renewal check that YOU worked so hard to grow? A better question is, who do you want this money to continue going to…you or the company?

Are there advancement opportunities?

Many levels of success await you. We do NOT believe in having a stagnant career. We want you to continue climbing to higher contracts, ultimately putting more money in your pockets.

Can I get leads and how much are they?

In partnership with FGL, exclusive lead sources range from TV leads, Direct Mail, telemarketing, social media. FGL does NOT resell leads to our agents. Leads range from $12 – $32. FGL also allows you to pay for leads through commissions making it easier to survive and thrive in this business.

What is a chargeback and can it hurt my business?

A chargeback is when an agent commission % is paid back because a policy lapsed during the first 6mths. chargebacks are prorated of course. Too many chargebacks in a short period of time can hurt your career. We will plug you into our 7 STEPS sale system helping to reduce chargebacks. The 7 STEPS system has been known and proven to keep persistency above 93% for years.

How Do Agents Get Paid?

What is GENPAY?

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