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June 2, 2020by Vincent King

To be successful in business and life, you must continuously increase your knowledge and skillsets. We live in a time where we are blessed with a wealth of information at our fingertips, but we may not always know the best ways to obtain this information.

If you want to be successful, you need to stay hungry and informed. Here are some great methods to help you stay sharp and up to speed.


Feed your mind with as many different reading materials on as many different subjects as you can. Reading provides you with the obvious benefits of learning about the topic at hand, but did you also know it’s a workout for your brain? Reading increases your cognitive abilities, improves your vocabulary, your memory, and helps keep your stress levels low. Apart from making you more knowledgeable, habitual reading raises the bar for how far of a reach you have as an entrepreneur.

Be observant. 

In our technological world, it is so easy to be consumed with smartphones and gadgets instead of observing what is happening right in front of your eyes. Every day, you are surrounded by individuals that can help shape who you are as a person and as a leader. I want to encourage you to open your eyes and start observing. Do you lack confidence? Observe the way the doorman greets and converses with people. Do your customer service skills need some work? Watch how your server goes above and beyond for not only your table but everyone in their section. Are you an impatient person? Observe how the parents in the park interact with their children. There is something to observe and learn from everyone around you; don’t be so consumed that you miss out!

Ask questions. 

Never be afraid to speak up and ask questions. You can sharpen your skills by keeping an open mind and leaning on others for guidance when needed!

Learn from your mistakes. 

As a business leader, mistakes are inevitable. The important thing is that when you mess up, you own up to it, learn, and move on. Your journey to success will be a bumpy ride. Don’t allow the fear of messing up stop you from continuing on.

Practice makes perfect. 

I often see that once someone experiences a taste of success, they tend to let their feet off the gas; this is the biggest mistake you could ever make. No matter how much success you have earned, you have to practice! Keep your ego in check and make it a habit to learn something new every day.

Always keep a student’s mentality. 

By keeping a student’s mentality, you humble yourself to the notion that you may never know all there is to know, and that is okay. Stay hungry for knowledge and growth. This mentality will continuously encourage you forward and gives you the power to be a strong leader for others.

As entrepreneurs, the idea of reaching success is the most tantalizing thought. It always comes as a shock when you realize that success is more of a journey than a destination. Each day you should be working hard to widen your reach of influence, to learn something new, and to develop into a better version of yourself. I hope that these tips have motivated you to stay sharp and hungry!

by Vincent King

Vincent A. King is a professional mentor, businessman, and motivational speaker. He is committed to developing individuals in their personal and professional lives.

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