“The greatest compliment I can give Mr. Vincent King is his passion for serving others and helping them level up and become the best version of themselves. I have experienced his love for people up close and personal when we were in another endeavor, and he helped mentor me to become a top producing agent.”

Jamal B


Mr. King is definitely a God Sent in my life! His memory has to be A1 because he doesn’t forget ANYTHING in regards to hitting your goals! He will remind you why you asked him to mentor you…he’s going to hold you accountable and challenge you. Most of the time, we often run from people like him just because we’re comfortable. He definitely has a way of shaking your mindset to get you back on track and focused! The one thing he has always told me is, “in order to change financially, you have to commit to change mentally.” Because of his leadership, my bank account has reached digits I’ve never seen in my lifetime! I say all that to say…we all need a mentor like Mr. Vincent King; I’m truly thankful for him!”

Alesha Murrill


“One writer writes to tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Mr. King tells you, teaches you and involves you in a marathon that changes your generation choices. To glean from Mr. King’s holistic knowledge and embrace his wisdom has led me towards a life of understanding Financial Principles, Focus, Discipline, Consistency, and Productivity. Mr. King’s direct and transparent sessions help you to know what you want, and the reason you have not received it yet. He possesses the gift of defining your drive and relating to your level in business and life. Thank you Mr. King for partnering with me! Take Charge!”

Shanga Wilson


“Working with coach VK has been a game-changer for my life. He introduced me to the entrepreneurial world, and my outlook on life will never be the same. No longer do I focus on problems, but I focus on SOLUTIONS! That mindset alone that I picked up from the coach has transformed a problem-centered outlook on life, to one of perceived possibilities and productivity. I now look within for solutions. Never will place more confidence in a system that is designed to keep everyone in the “rat race”. I’m placing my bets on ME!…thanks to coach VK!”

J. Haythe


“As a single parent, I had to make changes to be able to effectively take care of my children. Working with Mr. Vincent King has really been life-changing for me. He has helped me double my income. In turn, my lifestyle has significantly improved and there is no turning back!”

J. Daniels


I began my menteeship with Vincent King and First Generation Life in 07/2019 and it has positively changed my belief system and mindset for most aspects of my life. I consider myself a veteran in my industry and have always taught technical aspects of my business which delivered only average results. One of the first lessons Mr. King taught me is mindset is just as valuable as technique and under his leadership that has permeated throughout my organization and has yielded above-average tangible revenue and income.

C. Graves


I’m new to the industry and have worked with Mr. King for almost a year and it has been life-changing. I take every nugget he gives and I apply it to my business. His wisdom and knowledge pertaining to the Financial avenues of Insurance blow me away. He’s a genius in his own right, innovative in his thinking, and intentional with his actions. I am blessed to have him as one of my mentors.

A. Johnson


Partnering with Mr. King has changed my philosophy on how I earn money. An ex 6 figure corporate employee, I had become accustomed to a bi-weekly paycheck. Working with Mr. King has helped me realize my value and worth and given me the confidence and personal development to pursue my own business, to build a legacy for my family and because of that, I will not return to a 6 figure corporate JOB again. I’m making it in my own company.

P. Leake

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