The Importance of Creating Strong Habits and Where to Begin

August 13, 2020by Vincent King

As a success coach and professional mentor, it has taken plenty of trial and error to find the system that best works for me and my clients. Instead of letting tribulations hinder me from continuing my journey, I used them as learning lessons and ultimately, they helped mold the foundation for my career. If you were to ask, Vincent, what is the heart of the method you’ve cultivated to help build a generation of leaders?” I would reply, “Habits, habits, habits.”

Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.

-Sean Covey

Simply put, a habit is an action that becomes an established part of your routine. These aren’t always good things, however. The goal is to cultivate habits that will help you reach success, not break you. How is this done?

The key is to define your purpose, then implement actions steps that when activated daily, can help lead you to your desired destination. This sounds easier said than done, right? If you don’t have a sense of routine right now or you’re not sure how to make it work better for you, consider habit-stacking.

Let’s say that every morning after you get dressed, you sit down and have some coffee. This has been your daily ritual for years and happens without planning or preparation. A habit. Now, for the next week, you make it a point to read 15 pages of a personal development novel as you sip your cup of joe. This scenario has shifted to habit-stacking. You have intentionally added one thought-out action on top of an already established action in your day-to-day schedule.

What would you say if I told you that if you followed this method with each part of your daily routine, by the next month, these would most likely be habitual for you? Would you do it?

Growing up, I knew that working for someone else wasn’t the road I wanted to take, so I dove head-in to personal development and took the road less traveled. I dedicated myself to figuring out the best routine to help me meet my own needs. Now, here I am today, driven by results and professionally coaching others to fulfill their dreams.

Success doesn’t happen overnight and neither will your habits. It will take commitment, resilience, and for the greatest outcome, guidance from an experienced mentor. If you are ready to dive into your entrepreneurial pursuit and learn how to fully understand the survival skills needed to do so, I encourage you to contact me today.

Together, let’s help you define your purpose, establish life-changing habits, and make your vision come alive.

by Vincent King

Vincent A. King is a professional mentor, businessman, and motivational speaker. He is committed to developing individuals in their personal and professional lives.

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